State Farm Center

111 East Green Street, Champaign, Illinois, 61820

Within a couple of hours of Chicago, St. Louis, and Indianapolis, The State Farm Center at the University of Illinois in Champaign is the perfect stop for any tour. Featuring the largest capacity of any Illinois arena outside of Chicago, The State Farm Center’s five adaptable set-ups, from our 3,600 Star theatre set-up to 17,000+ seats in-the-round, can easily accommodate any show of any size.

The Champaign market includes more than three million people within 90 miles, including 200,000 students of which 36,000 attend the University of Illinois.

• 180 Degree: 9,200
• 270 Degree: 11,200
• 360 Degree: 17,200
• In The Round: 17,400
• Theatre Mode: 1,500 – 5,000


Booking information

Address: 111 East Green Street, Champaign, Illinois, 61820 
Contact: Kevin Ullestad - Director 
Phone: (217) 333–2923  
Capacity: 17,400