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Scope ArenaArenaNetwork was formed in 1999, initially comprised of thirteen venues, with the stated purpose of increasing the number of live entertainment events in member facilities. There are now over thirty venues in ArenaNetwork, all across North America. ArenaNetwork has evolved into a growing entity that is constantly exploring new initiatives including cooperative sponsorships, creating our own unique events to fill our venues, and TheaterNetwork, our newest division giving performing arts venues the same level of benefits received by our arena members.

ArenaNetwork has as members many of the leading venues in North America. In order to become a member of ArenaNetwork a facility must be independently owned/controlled and not managed by a national facility management company.  The venue must also have a full time marketing staff in place to execute a marketing strategy for events.

Sharing information among the member venues is one of the cornerstones of member benefits. That has helped get many major recording artists and other attractions to play more ArenaNetwork venues than any other facility group. ArenaNetwork presented a majority of the dates on the “Tour of Gymnastics Champions” following the 2000 Summer Olympics and promoted the entire tours in both 2004 and 2008 after the Athens and Beijing Olympic Games, respectively.  Dolly Parton has toured ArenaNetwork venues exclusively. ArenaNetwork also partnered with the producers of “Walking With Dinosaurs – The Live Experience” to launch the tour in North America in 2007. The tour was a major success through 2008 while ArenaNetwork continued its partnership involvement. ArenaNetwork contributed significantly to the launch of the “Star Wars In Concert” tour that played in virtually all of its venues during 2009 and 2010. Today, ArenaNetwork continues to work in lockstep with major promoters and producers throughout the music and family show live entertainment space to direct live touring traffic to all of its venues.

During the early years of ArenaNetwork there were very few venues with infrastructure to allow a full arena to be esthetically downsized to a capacity of 4,000-6,000 seats. ArenaNetwork encouraged its members to invest in that infrastructure…full floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall curtains, carpeting, upscale room lighting. The majority of ArenaNetwork members can now present many events in their “arena theatre” configurations allowing acts to play in a proscenium environment to larger capacities than are available in traditional theatres. Many acts have played in ArenaNetwork’s “arena theatres” and have enjoyed the experience of relative intimacy and expanded earning potential. They include Bruce Springsteen, Dolly Parton, Sarah Brightman, Rascal Flatts, Sheryl Crow and Barry Manilow as well as non-musical events such as seminars and motivational rallies, religious events, Sesame Street Live, Barney, Disney Live, and Yo Gabba Gabba.





ArenaNetwork hosts a toll free conference call every Tuesday (except for holidays) at 1:30 PM (Pacific Time) with all ArenaNetwork venues. The calls cover current talent touring initiatives and usually last around 30-45 minutes depending on what new information needs to be communicated. Members receive an agenda prior to the call that details the new items to be discussed and lists all of the touring information discussed during previous calls. Additional agenda items include initial ticket sales from the previous weekend along with any other related news in the live entertainment industry. Other discussion topics might include reviews of the first few dates of a new tour to alert our members as to particular issues that may need special attention (sight line or production issues, settlement issues, crowd issues, etc.) at future tour stops, talent managers or agents providing details on upcoming tours. We also cover other industry related topics.


Once the ArenaNetwork Talent update is discussed on the conference call, the Lobbying/Offer Process begins. We use our extensive relationships with booking agents, managers, and/or concert promoters to influence that artist to play member venues. If the situation requires the member venue to submit a direct offer, ArenaNetwork assists the venue in creating that offer, gathers the offers of other ArenaNetwork members for the same artist, and submits them on a group basis to utilize the strength of our number of member venues and market power.


ArenaNetwork typically has two member meetings each year for bookers and General Managers scheduled in conjunction with major industry conferences in New York and Los Angeles/Nashville. ArenaNetwork also schedules a meeting for member marketing personnel in conjunction with the annual Entertainment Arena Marketing Conference (EAMC) in whatever city is hosting that conference. Guests at these meetings typically include talent managers, booking agents, promoters, and industry service providers (Ticketmaster, Event Booking, social networking companies, etc.). We also conduct internal ArenaNetwork business at these meetings relating to any projects or tours on which we may be working. Guests at these meetings have included most of the decision makers and top corporate executives of their related companies.


ArenaNetwork collects current event calendars and related available dates from each ArenaNetwork member on a weekly basis and compiles the information on one comprehensive grid. The grid is distributed weekly to all major talent agencies and promoters to be used when tours are being routed. The ArenaNetwork grid allows an agent or promoter to have avails from every ArenaNetwork member at their fingertips on one schedule. The avails grid allows users to quickly route a tour by seeing all available dates for venues in close geographical proximity to one another. Many ArenaNetwork members have acquired a tour date because they routed efficiently with an available date of another ArenaNetwork member near them.


ArenaNetwork collects and distributes ticket sales and gross receipts information each week for all of its members. This allows each member to compare how artist sales at their venue are tracking compared to other markets. This also helps ArenaNetwork to better understand the demographics of each member market as routing is being formulated for future tours.


ArenaNetwork places ads in many industry trade magazines on a regular basis to promote the organization and its members. We typically place several ads a year in Billboard and Pollstar magazines. ArenaNetwork’s profile as a group has been enhanced greatly in the last couple of years. A significant number of articles in the trades (Pollstar, Billboard, Venues Today, Sports Business Journal) have included ArenaNetwork topics/initiatives. We’ve also established bulk advertising rates with the trade publications for our member venues.


The strength and value of ArenaNetwork goes far beyond the corporate office; it manifests itself in the information exchange between its member venues. A sheet listing contact information for each member venue is given to all other members. Communication among members to exchange information on a one on one basis is also very important and encouraged.


ArenaNetwork maintains a web site: The main page of the website is a basic information source for users to acquire general information about our organization.


ArenaNetwork has the ability to generate member discounts for industry conference registrations and for potential users of various other industry vendors and subscriptions.